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Supporting Professional People Under Pressure to increase Resilience and Wellbeing

What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a series of conversations of a very particular type, and gives you  a safe and secure SPACE just for you where you can work in complete privacy on what you want to improve or change in your life or your work.

  • Your coach will be your 'Critical Friend' and will listen in depth to you and respond with challenges, perceptions and reflections to help you get at YOUR truth and at what YOU really want.
  • Your coach can make available to you information and resources to help you make BETTER DECISIONS. They will only do this with your permission. They will  not give advice that is not sought.
  • You will get top quality ENCOURAGEMENT. Your coach will work on the assumption that you have the answers that you seek within you, and that you can achieve your goals

Your coach will not...

  • tell you what to do
  • attempt to work in the areas of other professions such as counselling and therapy unless specifically qualified to do so
  • hesitate to advise a referral to another practitioner, such as a doctor or a coach specialising in a particular area, if they feel it is in your best interests

Your coach will.....

  • ask you QUESTIONS, perhaps of a type you have not encountered before, to enable you to reflect deeply and to get at the truth of YOUR situation and decide what YOU want to do about it
  • support you in what YOU have decided to do, and keep you on track
  • help you explore your chosen area and make the changes that YOU want
  • be on your side and believe that you have the resources within you to achieve your goals
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