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I am an approved coach with Reciprocoach, an international community of professional coaches who undertake reciprocal peer mentoring, supervision and coaching for their own personal and professional development. In order to do so I have had to meet their stringent criteria. You can see my profile here and all the feedback I have received. 

Other personal testimonials follow below. 

  • Your coaching style is quiet and intuitive but no nonsense. 
  • What worked well for me was the anchoring, I will use this to perform on stage and to go to supermarkets. 
  • I learnt coping strategies for stress, for example the anchoring. However I also learned that I should not have got so stressed in the first place. The "will it matter in 5 years, a year, next week, tomorrow" will be something I will bear in mind from now on.
  • My goals at work have now changed as I will be working towards a qualification. You also saw me through difficult time at work when I struggled with my team.
  • Testimonial: Coaching helped me understand and deal with problems I faced at work. In turn, I will use the coping strategies I learnt to help me face problems in my personal life.
Annie, PA, Nottingham, UK
1.  Challenge was I had many limiting beliefs stemming from childhood that were holding me back in terms of my achievements, or lack of, in adult life.
2.  Barbara helped me with NLP coaching and a TLT session, which unlocked and allowed me to let go of much baggage!
3.  Barbara was patient and understanding, even whilst I was upset and dealing with some deep emotional events and inner turmoil, Barbara stayed with me completely and guided me through in a non hurried and reassuring way.
4.  I would recommend Barbara without hesitation.  Barbara was knowledgeable and professional and has helped me to change my life completely in terms of my self belief. 
Kate B: Job role - local government, welfare to work  UK  

Barbara was focused and practical in her approach which gave me an insight into my strengths and areas for development. This led me to focus more effectively and confidently on ways forward in self-development. I would recommend her approach. Jenny, freelance vocational assessor, UK. 

How would you describe Barbara's coaching style?    Warm, supportive, encouraging, and challenging.
What did Barbara do which worked particularly well for you?    Challenged me to look at different perspectives and consider various options.
What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by Barbara?    That it is important to explore interpretations of an event/response over time to gain understanding and clarity about potential obstacles.
How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Barbara?    I made several changes to my practice and also to the way in which I view my experience and capacity.
Please include below a testimonial for Barbara:    Barbara is a warm and thoughtful coach who engages in a conversational process and who assists her clients to challenge their assumptions and perceptions and gain greater insights into their potential.
Shirley  S,  Health Service Manager, NSW, Australia

I wanted to find a job which provides at least £35k with Finance/ Management/Analyst / Accountant in the title which is meaningful to me and consistent with my value. Barbara provided customised support and different tools to help me understand my goal and help me make specific actions to achieve it, such as value tool, reflective diary, interview technique, anchoring confidence, broaden social network by using linkedin etc.  Working with Barbara was a great pleasure, she is very empathetic and supportive throughout the whole process, I am not able to achieve my goal without her help.  If you want to achieve your goal in life or at work, Barbara will be a person who you can talk to and help you along the way. She is great and I am so happy that I have met her. You should give a try, too.   Mandy B, Finance Analyst, Nottingham, UK

‘I really appreciated the time that you gave to go through the coaching process.One of the things that I needed was assistance going through the decision process, and the space that the sessions gave me was invaluable. You spoke about all aspects of the process including emotions and blocks…your step by step approach enabled me to look at it more objectively.’ Employee at Children, Families and Cultural Services, Nottinghamshire County Council

' was extremely helpful, thank you very much. It was fantastic working with you, you really focussed on my goals and made me feel very confident that I can achieve them.'

'...the coaching was much more than I expected...I found it to be very helpful in the award but also in other areas as well. The help and advice I have received will benefit me greatly in my studies and everyday duties....Not only did we discuss the things that I wanted to talk about, you were able to highlight other issues which I didn’t know about that were also beneficial.'

'I have a clearer focus about what I want and a roadmap of how to get there. I have more confidence in my ability to make choices and determine my own destiny. I have learned the practical tools that I can apply to a variety of work and non-work situations....I found the coaching really useful and the coaching toolkit easy to integrate into my thinking.  You helped me through a difficult period of threatened redundancy, making sure I always remained in control.'

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