This Coaching Business
Supporting Professional People Under Pressure to increase Resilience and Wellbeing


On this page I give you useful documents relating to coaching and things you can download and use for yourself any time. You'll also find my contract, and as I develop the resource, links to preparatory and development exercises that we might do in our coaching. 

Latest GLOBAL CODE OF ETHICS for Coaches & Mentors  - This document is produced by the Association for Coaching and the European Coaching and Mentoring Council. I subscribe to this code myself and I am a member of the AC. Access it here on the website or download a PDF here

Coaching contract - when we agree to enter a coaching relationship it is very important that all parties are aware of what is agreed, what are the boundaries, what we do about cancellations and emergencies, when I might suggest you see another professional, and so on. There are two versions - the summary version and the long version, which goes into more detail. 

Analysis of current work situation - maybe you are thinking of changing your job? It could be the right thing but it is as well to examine your current situation first and see if you can tweak it. This short exercise will help you focus your thoughts about this. 
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